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Oil separator

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 TOS 2.0 is a coalescence foreign oil separator that separates foreign oils, sludge and foam from emulsions in the tank.  The self-levelling suction inlet, which automatically adapts to the level of the emulsion, can also be used in tanks with limited space.  Does not require operator supervision except during emptying.  TOS 2.0 effectively de-oils aqueous fluids at neutral or low alkaline pH at temperatures up to 60°C. Features: - 6-language PLC display - IP65 electrical panel protection - Maximum suction liquid temperature: 60°C - Quick release suction nozzle - Drain fittings with valve for draining and cleaning.  Advantages: - Reduces production losses due to machine stops - Increases the life of the emulsion and reduces chemical and biological risks - Reduces unpleasant odours.

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