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Our unique operating principle is based on the combination of high temperatures and low pressures.  High temperatures - up to 95°C - dissolve grease and oil, low pressure - 7 bar or 14 bar - is quite enough to remove dirt and dirt without damaging parts.  This way, you can clean your surfaces quickly, efficiently and in a fraction of the time you needed before.

At the same time, our method is health-friendly and sustainable - by recycling the cleaning product, removing chemicals, avoiding biocides and increasing workplace safety.

You save costs for working time, but also for maintenance, parts breakage, as well as for the purchase and disposal of chemicals, process water and cooling lubricant; you reduce machine downtime and health risks; you increase workplace safety and employee motivation; and you help the environment.  It also makes economic sense: Run the numbers for your business - click here to access the amortization calculator.

Parts cleaning and degreasing: 

Effective and gentle with hot water, demineralised water or acids; if necessary with small amounts of cleaner.  The stand can be used several times in circulation mode.

Machine Cleaning: 

Machine tools with their own cooling lubricant or cutting oil, other equipment with water and possibly some cleaner.

Disinfection of Refrigerant Lubricant: 

The emulsion is drawn from the machine tool tank, pasteurized and fed back into the machine tool - without chemicals, without biocides and without downtime.

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