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Specialist in tapping and tapping mandrels as well as HSSE-PM and monoblock carbide Drill Heads.

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Specialist in turning tools, type milling, tapping, ...

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Our supplier for abrasive solutions.

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Simtek develops and produces carbide tools with high performance and high precision. The standard range includes more than 13,500 references including cutting tools, turning, milling, threading, ...


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Fournisseur d'outils divers. Chacun de leurs outils porte leur logo, gage de qualité.

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AutoCrib’s industrial distribution solutions power applications in all industries and at all scales. Their primary mission is to provide intelligent and innovative sales solutions for inventory control. AutoCrib designs and manufactures the widest range of intelligent dispensers in the world. No other company has more company-level facilities or experience than AutoCrib. Their goal is to give you the best return on your investment.

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WM Tools

We have here one of the best value-for-money ratio in monoblock carbide milling solution.

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REGO-FIX is a Swiss manufacturer of premium systems. Their excellent tool fixing systems with extraordinary reliability, high precision and exceptional quality 

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Ph-Cleantech had developped a low pressure cleaning process with high temperatures. For many years, this method has been proven in various applications in general mechanics.

PH cleantec avant apres

PH cleantec

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Since 1963, Speroni has been offering a wide range of products and solutions in the international field of measurement, presetting and tool management.  Speroni works closely with its customers around the world to understand their needs and offer appropriate technical and economic solutions through the use of advanced technologies, so that more and more companies can benefit from their product offering.

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 Specialist in threading, one-lip drills, turning tools, special tools, cutters and monobloc carbide drills, gauges,... 

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Measurement device specialist

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Link Gruppo SpA produces and distributes tools, oils, lubricants, measuring instruments, accessories and goods for all types of mechanical machining. Our offer is so wide that we can deal with more than 66,000 catalog products and more than 100 commercial networks only in Italy and a contact network with the best tool manufacturers in the world. We are able to meet the needs of today’s industry.

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