Tooling Services : a philosophy...

Tooling Services offers to the companies of general mechanics and machining, a global solution for their productions, accessories answering their needs in milling, turning, tapping, drilling ..., special equipment, advanced equipment for measurement of tools but also global management solutions for workshops with automated storage. 

 Exclusive supplier ...

 Thanks to our exclusive collaborations with the best brands of the market (Kennametal, PH-Cleantec, Speroni, Rego-Fix, ...), Tooling Services is your favourite supplier of your company in Belgium and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

 ... and above all partner!philosophie partenariat

 Howover the company located in Sprimont doesn't stop at this role.

 His philosophy is to provide to his customer, solutions that will help them reduce costs and increase productivity. The sales team who ply the roads are indeed true technicians, able to share their experiences and their knowledge of the products in order to support the customer in his technical choices and to direct him towards the products that will best meet their expectations.

 A full service

 Beyond the supplying of tools, Tooling Services offers advice on their uses and their suitability for a specific task (cutting condition, shrinking solution, tool presets, etc.) as well as storage solutions. automated and tool sharpening and repair service.